Green Canyon Mountain Biking


My wonderful wife let me get a bike this summer, and it took a little while before I started riding it. But, I love it now and have been out exploring some of the trails near us. On Friday morning, I rode up Green Canyon, just a couple miles south of us. Now that we don’t live in Las Vegas, we have to get accustomed to what others experience on an annual basis – Autumn. It’s a rather interesting time of year that I had almost forgotten about.


Apparently, at this time of year, the leaves of trees turn beautiful colors and then fall to the ground – really quite amazing! From where I started, it’s a little over 2.5 miles of climbing on a mixture of singletrack, doubletrack, and gravel road. The ride down, particularly the singletrack sections are amazing. Several sections have bright colored trees flanking both sides of the trail as you wind down the trail. Awesome ride – looking forward to doing it again!


Click here for the rest of the pictures.

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