It’s done, it’s done! Well, almost.


Finally, Jaimee and Brian’s landscaping is finished–well, everything except for the FENCE. Don’t ask. :) Â Isn’t it beautiful? They chose grass, bark, trees, and a water feature as the main materials. They are still waiting on the black fence that wraps around the entire property….complete with an extra gate in the back for the neighbor kids. Oh yeah, there’s also a beautiful gazebo on order that will be framed by two trees against the hills.

1806They did a great job designing the children’s play area. The trampoline is in the ground for better safety, and the playhouse is padded with kid friendly materials. Brooklynn and neighbor friends have already broken it in. Oh yeah, don’t forget the basketball court and the hot tub. How can we not love living here? Great job Brian and Jaimee. I know that your family and friends will enjoy their visits for many years to come.

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