Once there was a Snowman!


6 October 2007…Logan, UT’s first snowday. We woke up conference morning to glorious falling snow out our bedroom window. The Hirschi’s were up at the Hideout with Brian’s family so Adam and had the gigantic house to ourselves.


It snowed all day and into the night. It was barely cold enough so the snow didn’t pile up too much. After the second session of conference, the neighbor kids were outside building a snowman–I wish I had snapped a pic. It ended up being like seven feet tall. It had five heads and was awesome. We are thoroughly enjoying the four seasons while we can. We only officially have eight more months until we start moving back to Las Vegas.


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  1. I am so stinking jealous… seriously! This looks wonderful. And I’m glad you had some time alone to yourself. I was thinking that it will be so fun in 8 MONTHS for you to look back at this blog and remember living in Logan. What a great experience!

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