Brooklynn’s First Scrapbook Page


My six year old niece, Brooklynn, “discovered” scrapbooking this week. We set up her craft table in our office/scrap room so that she has her own little corner. I gave her all my scraps and extra stuff, and some of my old pictures to practice with.



The results were amazing. She decided a couple of days ago that she was finished practicing and wanted to move on to “real” pictures. So we gave her a couple pics from the family sealing to work on. Her favorite layout so far is of she and Spencer.


She’s learning all sorts of things about: ribbon, adhesives, rub-ons, stamps, sticker letters, coluzzle, and patterned paper. It gives me chills. For six….she is amazing at putting things together and creating. And now, she’ll always have a picture of her first scrapbook page.


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  1. Rach…I can’t wait to see you! I am still trying to convince Justin we should just stay with you, he is worried about us overrunning your place. I will let you know what we decide. So do the Hirshci’s that you went to Lake Powell with have any connection to the Dr. Hirschi that was a plastic surgeon in the Provo area. My aunt worked for him for years and they use to always go to Lake Powell with him and his family. He passed away a few years ago in a place accident. That is so cool that Jamee and her family were sealed! I will have to get my Taiwan pictures out so that my girls will get to know you before we head your way. Really I can’t wait to see you!
    love, Marisa

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