Lake Powell Trip 2007–Another Hirschi Success


This past weekend was spent at Lake Powell on the annual Hirschi Family Summer’s End Excursion. 30 people, two boats, four Seadoos, a sandy beach, and lots of sun. We had a great time especially since we were spoiled with a 75′ luxurious houseboat. Brian out did himself this year!!! The boat had a hot-tub, five bedrooms, three flat screen TVs with Dish, and lots of other extras. Some of us stayed on the boat and some camped on the beach. We had more food than could possibly be eaten in four days, but the dinners we made were outstanding.

Of course, me being the dork that I am hauled my tub of scrapbooking supplies and created five beautiful pages. That was the best part for me. Well, playing Hand and Foot with the girls while eating peanut M&Ms and drinking diet coke ranks a close second. Adam spent most of his time in bed with a nasty cold, but he did get some exploring in. He took a Seadoo a couple of times and was gone for hours exploring the water filled canyons of the Lake.


As for the many kids on the trip, well, they spent most of their time fishing with Grandpa Hirschi, digging a giant hole in the sand (they did get buried at the end of the trip), building sand castles, swimming, and chasing lizards. Yes, the picture of Brooklynn holding something up is a dead lizard on a stick. She was quite proud. I say quite disgusting, but she LOVES animals.

Kudos to Jaimee and Brian for all their hard work and generosity. That is one of my favorite things about them…they are always willing to share everything they have to make others happy even if it stressed them out or inconveniences them. I love that!!! Thanks guys. The trip was perfect.


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