A Farewell Montero

Since moving to Logan my Montero has been used maybe 10 times, maybe!!! So we finally decided to find her a new home. The Montero has been with me the past five years. She helped get me through my Masters program. She stuck out the blistering summers in Las Vegas.  She was there on our first date, when we fell in love, and when we got married. All in all, she’s been a good little car. 

The real trick comes as Adam and I learn to share something like a car, especially since the Tacoma is HIS. Actually, I think if there was one possession he could carry into the next life it would be his 2005 Toyota Tacoma. That’s saying a lot since we all now how much he loves computers and canyoneering. Hopefully, he would choose me if it came down to it, but I think it might really be a toss-up. I better make sure it’s me who flips the coin!!!

Anyhow, we found Montero a good home here in Logan where she will get to rome the streets much more often. A young Chinese doctoral candidate bought her so he has more room when his parents come to visit from China (for three months). Be good to her James….and she will be good to you. Goodbye Montero. I love you!!! 

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  1. NO! Not the Montero. James you had better more than just good to that car. You hear me?! (You probably don’t. This isn’t your blog.)

    Anyway, love you guys and happy you are handling this so well. Post pics or something so we can all say a proper goodbye.

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