it’s finally done :)

We are loving our new home. It is everything we had hoped for. Todd and Kyle at New Freedom Properties, along with their crew, worked the magic below. Adam and I chose everything, and New Freedom put it together. I was soooo nervous about paint and flooring and counters matching, but I think we did an okay job for our first time. Adam took pictures from the same angle in the before and after photos so we can really appreciate the difference in each room.

Here is the before-and-after tour:

The Kitchen



The Dining Room



The Front Area




The Family Room



The New Breakfast Bar



I hope you liked the tour. I’ll show pics of bedrooms and upstairs after we are all settled. For now we are swimming in a sea of boxes. But hey, at least I now have a walk-in pantry to put everything in. :)

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  1. Sister it is absolutely amazing! I know that feeling of not knowing how it will all look in the end when picking stuff out – it’s rough but you did awesome! Can’t wait to see it in person, not sure I can wait till this fall :( The breakfast bar was the best decision you could of made in that kitchen such a great use of space! And always love me a set of french doors and red walls!!! I can’t say enough about it it’s all just so wonderful good job to the both of you and can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  2. I love it! So fun to see it all done, since I saw it almost done. I love your granite! It looks a lot like mine…we’ve decided the granite you pick out says a lot about who you are!

  3. Wait, did you just write Vegas and walk-in pantry? Oh so lucky! Enjoy the new home and all the new space to put your great couponing deals! You still coupon, right? You guys did a nice job fixing it up!

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