my cart overfloweth


Total Value: $254.00

Total Saved: $157.88

Total Out of Pocket: $97.00

Savings Percentage: 62%

# of items:75

Total price/item: $1.29


Armed with coupons, and a Grocery Smarts list, off to Albertson’s Adam and I went for our Friday night date:) And boy, did we have a blast. Once again, I walked out ecstatic. My heart was pounding with pride as I watched the $1 coupons roll off the already discounted items. What a feeling. I never knew that saving money could be so addictive. I am hooked!

Since we were there so late (10:00 p.m. on a Friday), the checker was more than friendly and didn’t mind that I divided my purchases into FOUR transactions. I did that so I could save $20 instead of $5 using the Albertson’s current promo. And after hearing our adoption story, she was even more wonderful. She is actually the same lady that helped me last week when I used my first ever coupon. Anyway, she gave us two helpful hints that I thought I would pass along:

1. The butcher block– they puts left over ground beef out every night at 9 p.m. for $1.50…that’s a steal from the butcher block.

2. Pizza Fridays–apparently all frozen pizzas are discounted by 16% every Friday, even the ones already on sale. Who knew? (well, probably all of you, but not me.)

I am so grateful Adam was there–he couponed like a champ finding soda cheaper than we were expecting–he helped divide everything up, and he was very patient with me. I about jumped out of my newfound frugal skin when he wanted to try a box of off-brand cocoa krispies. Yeah, it was $3.00. You’ll notice from the picture that he got his cereal–because I L-O-V-E him.

 And for all you friendly nay-sayers out there–Yes, I know there is a lot of “sugar” on the table–I realize this. But we are stockpiling soda for our family get together the end of March. Four of the bottles are Mountain Dew, and they are all for my brother-in-law, Brian. If you are coming, you’ll have to ask him if he will share. :) He has always been so stingy and all–never sharing any of his good fortune with the rest of us, right? The massive amounts of fruit snacks and granola bars were also on my hit list–just because I’m now a mommy doesn’t mean I want to lose my “coolest aunt” status with my nieces and nephews.

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  1. AWESOME! You’re inspiring Rachel. And I had no idea about the meat being discounted at 9pm. I just might make my grocery trips at the end of the day rather than the middle, so thanks!
    PS- Fresh and Easy had their hot dog and hamburger buns on clearance for like 29c. They freeze well! Wait, are you anti generic brands?? I may have to try and convert you if so =o)

  2. Rachel, you must share your secrets. Does this take a lot of time to prepare? That is the one thing I do not have. But I am willing to try. I loved catching up on all your posts this week – so many! I am feeling like a major slacker on all fronts. I love and miss you!

  3. WOW–This is a great side to see of you sister. I wish I could be more like that, especially in the winter and spring months when we have the hardest time financially! I’m with Amy on the time thing–you know I don’t have “extra” time so how does that work time wise?? Where do you find your fabulous coupons? I need to be better at being frugal and maybe you will inspire me :)

  4. O and also you two are silly w/the mt.dew thing for Brian!!! I’ll for sure tell him about it! And do NOT worry about getting “us” our fav’s spend the money on your fam we will buy what we need when we come! I do not expect you to feed us and house us for free for that long! No way Jose!!! :)

  5. We use and Also, here is a link to a lady at our church who teaches a class on being faithful and frugal: She video taped the last class and may be willing to send you a copy. The class covered couponing, freezer cooking, stockpiling and so much more! She feeds a family of 4 on a $150.00 a month budget.

    Also, we travel to Colombia February 26th to meet and adopt our three boys!

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