it is finally time……

…….to stop posting on our adoption blog! :(

Originally, we wanted a place separate from our “everyday” blog to post the ups and the downs of our adoption process. I am so glad that we did it that way. Psychologically, it allowed me to keep the journey separate–just in case it ended in disappointment as all of our pregnancies had. But now that the kids are home, it seems counter-intuitive to keep separate our fun family adventures and the not so fun family struggles that are a natural part of adoption. I still plan to write real, honest, and open posts. I still plan to write on adoption, fertility, and other issues that shape our existence as a couple, and as a family. My hope is that it brings continuity to our days and weeks and years.

For posts on our full adoption story and related topics, please visit Everything is archived on that site. 

On a friendly side note: We are more settled than we have ever been, which means we have new friends, neighbors, and church members who are finding our blog and joining our journey. For those of you who are new to our lives–please know that what I say here in reference to babies and fertility and adoption is never meant to offend. My opinions and beliefs are never said out of malice or anger. They are simply my private feelings shared in a very public arena. We keep our blog public so that those who are experiencing infertility or contemplating adoption can gather information, learn from our experience, and share their own stories.

We hope you continue reading. Our adoption journey has only just begun!!! :)

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