brian’s birthday at the lake


Brian turned 34 on May 29th, but he was kind enough to defer his celebration because my adoption shower in Logan was planned for the same evening. Thanks, Brian! Since it was our last weekend in Utah, we all went up to the Lake and stayed in one of the Hirschi’s cabins. Brian had brownies for his cake and we had a camp fire. The kids had a ball playing in the sand volleyball court and running around with Uncle Adam playing frisbee. The weather was perfect for outdoor play. Thanks Hirschi family for inviting us to tag along.





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  1. Wow great pics sis! Looks like everyone had a great time at the lake. These are the moments that I wish I could live by all my children. We miss out on so much family time. Soon you’ll be sending family pics of you and the kids doing fun things and I will miss those times too.
    Thanks so much for the update it makes it a little easier to be away from you all. I love and miss you. I can hardly wait to get together at Jaimees and hopefully have you come home for a week to play. Maybe we can go up to the campsite and do some cousin camping. Have a great day!

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