snow, anyone?


Is it ever going to be possible to hike without snow again? We went on one last hike with Brooklynn before leaving Utah–and there was snow, in JUNE! I know that some hikes aren’t possible until July our August–but Limber Pine Trail? Give me a break. We did the hike regardless, and we are really glad we soldiered on. There actually ended up being fairly dry ground most of the way. After several of our spring hikes were thwarted by the nation’s WEIRD weather this year–we are grateful to have finally completed one. And per her usual, Brooklynn was the leader the whole way, except during the deep snow crossings. :) She made uncle Adam go first so she could step down into his tracks.



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  1. Brooklyn is quite the hiker! Great job, B!!! These are some fun pictures and quit whining about the snow… :) I am so jealous. I’ll trade you the snow for the 110 degree temps. And quit telling me what I can and can’t write on your blog.

    Love you!

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