a night under the stars


Spring Mountain Ranch–One of Las Vegas’s semi-hidden treasures.

I have been wanting to go out to the ranch to see a play since I moved to Las Vegas in 2003. Adam and I had talked about going many times…and finally, we made it happen. Thanks, Dave and Jena, for inviting all of us along. Jaime and I sat in line starting at 4:45 until the gates opened at 6:00 so we could reserve the best blanket seats possible for our little band of comrades. We definitely took one for the team considering the summer temperatures, but it was sooooo worth it…and I would do it all again tomorrow!!!

Spring Mountain Ranch is past Red Rock and higher in elevation than LV so the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than in the city…a much welcomed respite after the heat we’ve been having. I actually had my sweatshirt on and was snuggled between Adam and Jaime under a thick blanket. If I had a pillow and socks, I could have comfortably spent the night out on the cool grass.

This month we saw Beauty and the Beast. The costumes were amazing!!! And the Ranch has some new lighting and sound equipment…Wow, what is better than a night under the stars watching a show with good food, good friends, and cool air?

The picture of Adona is of her eating a sour gummy worm–her look says it all. We’re training her at an early age so she’ll be canyon-ready in no time. The picture of Adam and Jeremy HAD to be taken. They were so engrossed in their new business scheme that they didn’t even notice Val and I cracking up and taking pictures of them….super cute. And the picture of me with my little “nothing bundt cake” bundtlette proves that I am no longer an nbc virgin. The cake was so deliciously moist. It was definitely worth the wait! Thank you sweet friend for thinking of me at the perfect time.


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  1. Sounds like fun when we come to visit maybe that is something we can do! And may I ask what a nbc virgin is maybe you can clear that up when we talk next! Glad you had fun!

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