FHE, anyone?

We had our first Family Home Evening back in Las Vegas with our friends last night. Check out Jaime and Rob’s blog for pics!!! We made pizza and homemade ice cream at the DeMarcos. They have also started a food blog–which I’m sure will contain only the most fabulous recipes. We are never disappointed when we eat at Dave and Jena’s!!! From Italian to Indian to yummy desserts–their cucina is incredible.

I am so glad to get back to our semi-monthly family nights. Hopefully, we will have some children to contribute to the “family” very soon. :) Two Mondays from now we will be at the Brummetts. I love my friends.

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  1. Fun fun funness…I know funness is probably not even a word but it fit so well! I’m glad your having good times there and back on track with your old traditions!

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