goodbye for now…

As we head to Las Vegas to await our travel date to Colombia, we must say goodbye to the Hirschi Family in Logan. We are so grateful to Jaimee and Brian for their support, generosity, and kindness this past year. We never felt like strangers or guests in their home. They helped us feel like it was our home too. A few things we will miss the most:

*Brooklynn watching Spongebob in bed with Uncle Adam

*Spencer screeching and giggling at the top of his lungs when we throw him in the air

*Hand and Foot

*Leaving our bedroom window open and listening to the rain

*the many nearby hikes in and around Logan Canyon

…….and much more. We pray that your business prospers this summer and that you enjoy your time at the Lake. The next time you see us, we’ll be a family of SIX!

5 Replies to “goodbye for now…”

  1. I’m glad to hear you are back in Las Vegas. We need to get together some time and do lunch or something. I’m excited to hear you are getting closer to leaving for Columbia. We are so happy for you guys!

  2. Thanks sis!! You’ve thanked us so much and this is just the cherry on top! I would of done anything to have you guys here and also stay longer but no dice jobs out here arn’t as good as in Vegas but I know you have so many great friends there and Adam’s family so I’m glad you can be with them but I will and do miss you terribly and too will miss hand and foot very much!!! Love you guys!

  3. Awesome so this means they have a room open! Sign me up!!! JK I know you had a great time staying with them and that they were so good to you guys I could always feel that coming into their home I never felt unwanted when I visited.

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