Down in the Valley—valley of the gods and monument valley


While heading out for a day trip to Four Corners we realized just how close we were to Monument Valley so we decided to extend our trip by a few hours and make a loop. We reached Valley of the Gods first, which is coined as a mini Monument Valley. There is a 17-mile loop you can drive. It was pretty cool.

Driving through Monument Valley, I totally felt like I was in the middle of an Old Western. You can even see John Wayne’s cabin, which we didn’t. The scenery seems other-worldly…a little surreal. The funniest part of this side-trip was the amount of EMPTY road-side stands that said “Open”…also check out the visa/mastercard graphic on the “Sacred Monument” tour stand. Nice juxtaposition, right?

The rest of our pics are here!


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  1. Those pics are really cool, it’s like staight out of a movie set! Looks like you guys got to see alot of pretty amazing things while on your trip and seeing the 4-corner’s had to be awesome too, one day I’d like to do that!

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