Here’s to the Anasazi–grand gulch primitive area


Ruins, ruins, ruins—this canyon is completely brilliant. It’s beautiful, fairly easy, and full of adventure. There is a plethora of cliff dwellings to explore. Adam has turned into a bona fide Indian ruin seeker! I would put this trip on the cool scale somewhere around the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. However, this adventure is practically in our backyard—even better! We would love to do this trip again with friends and/or children in a few years. We actually would like to do the entire Gulch (Kane to Collins)—probably five nights or so…totally worth it, and not scary at all, girls.

We had the canyon completely to ourselved the first night. By the third day out, however, there seemed to be quite a few spring breakers heading down as we were heading out. Man, I sure love to hike. We just found out that Adam has another break coming up. This whole grad school things keeps getting better. The downside–I have to leave my sister when we adventure. We don’t have much time left here and I sure love hanging out with the Hirschis.

Here are some of our favorite pictures:


The rest of our pics are here!

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  1. Yay the blog finally works, good job Adi! Love the pics and all the sights look absolutely amazing! And yes it’s sad to have you gone especially when there’s not much more time but you also don’t have a ton of time left until you two arn’t as fancy free w/out any kids to consider! So go for it I know you guys love it!

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