yay, for super 8

We made it to Blanding tonight. Both Adam and I are psyched about our multi-day trip, which begins tomorrow. The only problem is that we are still recuperating from Scrapfest ’08. We’ve stayed up past midnight trying to get ready…I think we’re finally finished. Once we get into the canyon all the extra stuff will dissipate. Luckily, the Super 8 had a room (the other motels had no king beds available) and wireless internet–yes, we both brought laptops. I know, I know!!! I wouldn’t get to post this otherwise, however.

A HUGE THANKS to all our friends and family that made it up last weekend to celebrate friendship! I truly believe it’s the best gift, next to eternal families, God grants us. I LOVE my friends. Hopefully, you all know that I think of you as family and would do anything for you. Unfortunately, in all the hubub, I ran out of time to post pics from last weekend. Check out these great posts–Emilie, Jaime Lynne, Jaimee Marie, Jessica.

Here are a few of my favorite moments: peanut butter ice cream cake, scrappin’ with the girls, chicken fajitas, massage, playing Settlers with the Leas, finding the best caffeine free diet coke in Box Elder County with Jes, goofy happy smiles, chinese food ala` McCracken, feeling love from so many people!!!!!!!!!

See ya’all on the other side of Bullet Canyon. Thermarest and pee bucket, here I come.

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  1. It wouldn’t be a trip without your laptops! ;) But I’m glad you took them so we can have post’s while your gone! Good luck and I hope you have a blast with your alone time with your hubby! Miss you!

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