snowy paradise


Welcome to our snowy paradise. Check out the icecicles, aren’t they awesome. Church was cancelled today because of the amount of snow that had fallen overnight. Even more than that was the fact that people couldn’t get out of driveways and/or up the hill into our community. The snow has even started to accumulate against our bedroom window. It’s so beautiful. Of course, Adam had to go check on his tent–it’s still holding (see pic below).  He also drove the atv around helping people who needed it. My dear husband said he’s going to sleep in the tent again to compare it to his last experience. Supposedly, it’s warmer now because the snow is insulating it. Whatever. :) Love you, honey! One of my favorite things about the snow here in Logan is seeing the deer tramp through it. They come down to forage and play in our backyards and fields. Amazing!!! Adam and I say, bring on the snow. Oh yeah, I finally scrapped two new layouts. It’s been about a month and I finally feel up to it. I am loving using all my new product. Thanks mom and Adam. I love my Christmas presents.



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  1. Oh, WOW! I can’t wait to visit this paradise!!! I’m just hoping there is still some great snow left by the first of March. And I’m hoping that Adam will let me spend a night in the snow tent… NOT! He really cracks me up.

  2. Ummm…is that your house??? AMAZING!! How beautiful! It makes me miss living in snowy paradises! And what a thoughtful and generous hubby you have. What a lucky girl!

  3. Yes it is a snowy paradise but this sister is sure ready to not have it anymore and it just keeps coming and coming and coming! Hopefully this weekend the weather man is right and it will get to 41 degrees YAY! Oh and yes Rachel what a beautiful home you have ;)

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