seven random facts…TAKE TWO!!!

Jessica Anne doesn’t think my list is very random (for anyone who “knows me at all” as she put it) so I took this a challenge. Forgive my do-over. Here we go:

  1. I still have that one pair of jeans from high school that I hold onto “just in case”. I did fit into them snuggly right around my wedding in 2004. But then marriage happened and I trying to fight my way back down.
  2. I can’t take my wedding band off–literally. (haven’t been able to for about a year now) Another reason I need to work toward those jeans.
  3. I didn’t really care for one of my now best friends, Amy, when we first met. I think she was having an off week–as a friend from high school was visiting her. Jessica (and Amy) agrees with this first impressioned fiasco.
  4. Giving birth seemed like the most unnatural thing in the world to me for the first 27 years of my life. In fact, I never wanted to pregnant at all–only two or three people know that about me. Isn’t it ironic how life turns out sometimes.
  5. I knew from the very first time I spoke to Adam that he could, and would be my husband. Looking back, I think I’ve loved him from our first conversation, truly.
  6. Death and polygamy are two of my favorite topics to discuss. I think they are two of the most fascinating topics on the planet, probably because I understand them the least.
  7. Sometimes when were driving long distances and we go through the drive-thru I take some of Adam’s fries (actually a lot) and put them into my basket. This is soooo stupid because he will regularly give me his fries freely when he can’t eat them all. I just LOVE fries with lots of salt on them, and we never eat them unless traveling. Yummy!

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  1. I keep trying to comment on the adoption binder on your adopion site, but I am having issues. I know what you mean about having something tactile. It is so encouragin to have something. Love you.

  2. Rachel! I’m so excited that I’ve found your blog!! Amy said that you guys had such a great time up here last month! I’m sad that I missed you!! I really hope that I wasn’t the high school friend that made you not like Amy when you first met her :)

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