Friday night we took a trek to SLC to see the lights at Temple Square. It was glorious. The drive down was an adventure to say the least. It started storming that morning and got worse as the day progressed, but a little inclement weather was not going to stand in our way of this event! Our first stop was our social worker’s house in South Odgen to meet him and get home study info. After that we met up with the Hirschi’s at Outback for dinner. I have been craving a Queensland Chicken Salad for months and have been seemingly thwarted at every turn. FINALLY, I got my salad and we had a wonderful time.

Walking among the lights on a snowy night was magical. The hot cocoa topped the night off perfectly. THe whole experience sent my head spinning to another time – my time at BYU where Temple Square was a regular occasion. Although I have many fond memories of that time, I would so much rather be with my sweet husband. It is good to be surrounded by friends and family. I know not everyone is so lucky. We are very blessed, indeed.


  1. I love temple square!!! We have no real destination for lights here in Denver. We did go downtown last week, but it is not even worth getting out of the car for. We just drove around – how lame is that?!? Hopefully we will at least get some caroling in. Miss you!

  2. OK. Finally, I can comment. I’ve tried and tried but couldn’t remember my password as I usually post from work and it logs me in automatically. Such drama. I love these pics, BTW. I am so jealous that you got to spend time in SLC at Christmas. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. And that pic of you and Jaimee and Spencer… gorgeous. You so look like sisters there.

    Miss and love you. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Washington.

  3. Also, I have been faithfully reading and loving your adoption blog but I cadn’t comment there. I’ve tried but it doesn’t accept my username or my email address or any combinations of the two. I’ve even tried to have my password emailed to me. I may need some help from my older bro.

    I love reading your adoption blog. It is beautifully written and I tell you… it will be a published book some day!!! It could help so many people and inspire so many women!

  4. I am commenting on the pregnancy thing here because you know I have issues logging in sometimes… :)

    I’ve already told you on the phone how I feel and how excited I am. We fasted with you yesterday and you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Call me! For anything. I’ll be back on InterAct on Thursday.

    Love YOU!!! And Adam.

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