Seven Random Facts!

I was tagged by a friend on The task is to write seven random facts about myself.

  1. I once jumped off a moving train while backpacking around Taiwan. (jump, jump….for all those familiar with the story)
  2. My favorite books to read are what’s commonly noted as “coffee table” books. I’ll pick non-fiction 8 times out of 10 over fiction.
  3. I LOVE Murder, She Wrote. I watch it whenever I can on the Hallmark Channel.
  4. I made my brother-in-law haul my huge tub of scrapbooking supplies from the dock to the houseboat we were staying on at Lake Powell. Who scraps at Lake Powell anyway?
  5. I spent five weeks in an African village in 2003–and came back transformed.
  6. I still want to get my Ph.D. someday–not sure in what though.
  7. I (and my husband) are in the middle of adopting a sibling group of four from Colombia!!!!

4 Replies to “Seven Random Facts!”

  1. Well if anyone knows you at all they won’t find those all that random! Of course I can’t really picture you jumping from a moving train. But the words “Tuck and Roll” come to mind when I picture it.

  2. Rach’s husband had to unload it from the truck and then drive a loooong way to the parking lot and walk back. The lake is really low, so the boat launch area and the parking lot are farther from each other than usual.
    –the husband

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