Adoption or Bust!

Well, we are really doing it–FINALLY. And we are very excited. Most of our adoption posts can be found at or just click on our adoption link from this page. We have a semi-referral for a sibling group of four (boy, girl, girl, boy–ages four to seven) and have submitted our letter of intent to the Colombian government. We’re just waiting to see if they accept it or not. We don’t anticipate any problems, but you just never know….especially when it comes to adoption. Our plan is to keep a regular journal on the adoption blog, but we will still post any major events or news here. We would be remiss at this point if we did not express our gratitude and gratefulness toward our friends and family. The support, excitement, and love we have received overwhelms us. Continue to follow our journey….you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Wow, your first real post on the adoption blog is inspiring and beautifully written. I can’t leave a comment there because I can’t remember the password. I’ll figure it out and write more. Just wanted you to know that I saw it and it inspired me. Truly, you make such a difference in my life.

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