Columbia River Gorge, Saturday


Saturday was absolutely spectacular. Jessica did an amazing job at outlining our entire trip. You should check her blog out for the full details––The short of it is that we spend the day visiting waterfalls, hiking, and talking talking talking. We had good food and great conversations throughout the entire day. Since the boys let Jes, Amy, and I go in one car together there was a chance to have girl conversation, which can only be appreciated by women with really great girlfriends. You know who you are!!! The picture above is one that Adam snapped of Multnomah Falls, one of my favorite destinations en route to Portland.

The pics below were from our hike, which, by the way, was much steeper than we were led to believe. Thanks for tricking us into our daily exercise Dan! I needed it. And I should be used to it by now…Adam’s favorite saying while hiking has always been “just over the next hill.” Oh, how I dislike that saying. :) Amy missed her kids like crazy, but was glad to have a little peace and relaxation for her birthday. We were so glad she made the sacrifice to fly out, and to bring Steffan of course.


I love these girls with all my heart. There is something very special about a girlfriend. I am so grateful that God saw the wisdom in making friendships eternal. The six of us had a FABULOUS time on Saturday. The gorge truly is gorgeous!!!


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