Columbia River Gorge, Friday


There is so much to write about (well, mostly pictures to show) our recent excursions to Oregon/Washington… I thought I would do it in three installments. The ultimate purpose of our trip was to get together with my friends Jessica and Amy and their husbands. It’s been a rough year in many respects, and we wanted to get together and have a good time. However, we had a little time to ourselves before the festivities began. Adam and I spent the first day biking and hiking a little at Starvation Creek State Park, on the Oregon side. It was damp and chilly and breathtaking. I can’t believe we didn’t get any pictures on our bikes–duh! The funniest part about Friday was that I lost the car keys as I was riding my bike back to the truck. Adam had gone ahead to visit one more waterfall, so I was on my own and somehow dropped the keys. This is the first time I had been on a bike in years and I was totally out of shape!!! My husband was so sweet. He followed behind me the whole way. I made him go ahead of me when we reached the crest of the hill. I knew he was dying to go super fast and I finally convinced him I would be OK. Anyway, I had to hike back up the trail to find the key ring. Luckily, I found the keys and made it back to the truck all before Adam saw what I was doing. :)


All of the above images were taken at Starvation Creek. It was GORGEOUS! I also surprised my husband with a stay at Skamania Lodge five minutes down the road from Jessica and Dan’s house. I knew he would love the setting, and he did. It’s a real lodge with a huge wood burning fireplace in the great room. It has hiking and biking trails, as well as a golf course, on the property. And best of all, it’s set in the woods, which he loves. We had a nice time. Jes and Dan came over and at dinner with us that night. The lodge has a fantastic buffet every Friday evening. And it was packed…I think people come in from Portland and the surrounding area for this event.


Friday was perfect. But I couldn’t wait for Saturday. That’s when the real purpose of our trip was to begin!!!

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