Some More Photos and Progress

September 3: I forgot to mention that yesterday my feeding tube was moved to my nose. It’s smaller and I can start using my mouth to eat. I can also finally make all the noises I want, and I get to wear my own clothes!

20130903-134533-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0001.jpg
20130903-134850-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0004.jpg

September 4: I was so busy growing today that I forgot to ask mom and dad for a picture!

September 5: I was feeling wild today and decided on leopard print! Also, I received this lovely blanket to cover my isolette and help me sleep.

20130905-114428-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0003.jpg
20130905-211504-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0003.jpg


20130905-131629-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0001.jpg

Sptember 6: I grew an ounce and a half today! I am trying really hard to get big enough to go home.

20130906-202745-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0001.jpg

September 7: Today was a big day; I got to meet all of my siblings and a couple cousins too! The nurses said I was doing so well that my brothers and sisters all came outside one of the windows and I came off my monitors for a whole hour.

20130907-131827-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0007.jpg
20130907-132327-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0010.jpg

September 8: I tried my pants on today. Grandma McCracken says I can do stripes and still look fashionable! You can see how cute my mommy is too!

20130908-203333-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0008.jpg
20130908-205457-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0013.jpg

September 9: Sporting the monkeys.

20130909-204459-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0002.jpg

September 10: Daddy says I have beautiful eyes.

20130910-205959-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0022.jpg

September 11: I was being a stinker today and had to get some extra oxygen. I’m OK; just like letting everyone know I’m the boss.

20130911-211250-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0024.jpg

September 12: I was tired and didn’t want to pose much today.

20130912-154105-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0025.jpg

September 13: Today was Friday the 13th. I refuse to take pictures on such a scary day.

September 14: Nana Penning visited today. I also got a new friend to visit with in the incubator. My auntie Marisa and her kids sent me my little monkey and this new blankie for my incubator. Isn’t it pretty? In the afternoon, my nurses said I was ready for some visual stimulation, so they put some pictures inside for me to look at and said the blankie would help me too.

20130914-213720-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0006.jpg
20130914-215258-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0030.jpg


20130914-122022-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0029.jpg

September 15: My cheeks are filling out!

20130915-215424-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0032.jpg

September 16: Daddy says I’m his little monkey.

20130916-203506-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0037.jpg

September 17: So tired today!

20130917-123919-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0039.jpg
20130917-145546-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0001.jpg

September 18: I was up 1 pound over my birth weight today.

20130919-002134-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0041.jpg

September 19: Big day today; I’m out of the incubator and into a crib! That means I am keeping my own temperature regulated and I’m big enough to maintain my body weight. All my friends joined me in the crib to celebrate!

20130919-161018-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0054.jpg
20130919-161114-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0059.jpg


20130919-211300-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0064.jpg
20130919-220004-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0085.jpg


20130919-220049-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0087.jpg
20130919-161053-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0057.jpg

September 20: Bath Time! I took my first bath today; my feet were kind of stinky!

20130920-150004-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0202.jpg
20130920-150611-Hannah Catherine McCracken-0054.jpg

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