More Hannah pics

August 19: Today I was born and placed on a ventilator with some supplemental oxygen.


August 20: Mommy got to see me for the first time today. The NICU nurses made me a special name tag for my incubator.


August 21: Mommy and Daddy got to hold me today! I went under the bright blue lights today. I’m breathing normal air now!


August 22: Today mom and dad saw my eyes for the first time. I needed more time under the blue lights again.


August 23: Mommy changed my diaper and no more ventilator; I’ve graduated to the CPAP! I’m breathing stronger and stronger. They make them very small for kids like me. A little more blue light today to help me out and I get to wear cool shades.


August 24: Today my belly IV came out and I got a PICC line instead. Now the doctors and nurses can give me a little more nutrition. Also, I finished up with the lights. Daddy shared his wedding ring with me; it goes all the way up my arm! I have a couple friends in my incubator to keep me company.


August 25: Grandma McCracken had to go back home to Las Vegas, but visited me with Daddy before going to the airport. Thanks for visiting and helping watch my big brothers and sisters while Mommy was in the hospital!


August 26: I’m growing! After losing a little bit of weight, I gained it back and now weigh the same as when I was born.


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Go here for my growth chart.

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  1. You looks so very happy. Beautiful little girl. Can hardly believe your ring fit her arm. Only thing missing are Hannah’s siblings. So happy for all of you! Love you so much :-)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. I know what it is like to go home without your baby and still maintain a bit of normal for your other children, take good care of yourselves.
    We love you all !!!!!!!
    Hugs from the Hammers

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