the dam tour 2012


We took our parents and family to Hoover Dam this past spring. Yes, I’m playing blog catch up!!! We actually really dislike going out to the dam because it’s always windy and hot. But we also really wanted to walk on the new bridge. Very very impressive! It was fun walking across the top. But the more impressive view is from the bottom looking up…a true engineering feat! Adam decided to take all of the kids on the tour this time. Luckily, I had two under two that allowed me to escape this torturous event. So we headed home for naps while the men and papa took all the cousins on the tour. They had a blast!



I forgot about the picture of me and Gaven. Man, I miss that little guy!

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  1. It is a great picture. The dam is impressive (never been there), and I definitely would’ve offered to go home with you to get out the tour too.

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