infections and other recent afflictions

I have been fighting an infection in my body for about six weeks now. In fact, I’ve been to the doctor six times in six weeks. It is annoying, It is inconvenient. But mostly, it is humbling. Recently, other more serious afflictions have befallen our Little McFamily. I think that being sick, however frustrating, has helped humble me physically…preparing me to draw from the only spiritual source that is powerful enough to not only heal my physical body, but also my wounded spirit.

What I have learned this week:

1. No one is perfect. Duh, right? Although we have perfection as our long-term goal, for now our goal is continuous progress in that direct. (which is only possible through the Atonement)

2. My ability to Love, as a daughter of God and as a wife, is far greater than I thought possible.

3.The capacity we all have for compassion can only be enlarged through humility. And as I continue to humble myself, the compassion I feel helps my Love to grow exponentially.

4. Squaring shoulders and standing together takes true courage.

5. My husband is the best man I know. And my children are so very–even eternally–blessed to have him as the head of our Little McHome.

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