santa, you are good!


I’m not sure how he did it, but Santa was able to fill stockings and drop off his gifts with all seven kids snuggled under the tree. :)


Adam was the best Daddy Santa ever. He put trains and cars and bikes together while I filled stockings and arranged everything just perfectly. Luckily, I had everything already wrapped, which allowed us to enjoy those magical Christmas Eve hours without totally stressing. It was “the best Christmas ever!”


Things I want to remember:

1. Brian was Santa’s helper…he did great helping pass out the presents.

2. We treated the kids to a matinee of Narnia complete with popcorn and soda. (thanks, great-grandma and great-grandpa Penning)

3. I finally got my Bosch…FINALLY!

4. The excitement of seven ninos as they woke up Christmas morning.

Christmas is contagious in a house with seven happy kids. I sometimes stop and close my eyes and just take it all in because I know that these moments won’t last forever.

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