one week till christmas

Juan’s School Program:

He was a Kwaanza Candle with  a speaking part. Actually, if you ask him to recite his part he’ll recite the entire program. Just ask his tias. :) He’s our never ending chatterbox right now.



Making our goodies:

Oh, the pressure! The Penning’s traditional applesauce bread in our new Bosch. And the McCracken’s traditional peanut butter popcorn.



Gift of Lights:

Complete with Reindeer Hats and a stop at Winchell’s.


Shopping is done. Gifts are wrapped. Groceries anxiously sit on the counter. Tonight we begin turkey and pie preparations. Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve Dinner. We are so blessed.

Is it possible that time can slow down a little these next few days. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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