two weeks till christmas

Everything is bigger this year.  Imagine? :)

Bigger family. Bigger shopping list. Bigger rolls of wrapping paper.  And it is so fun. Raising seven is just like raising four…just bigger. Right?

The best part of this particular season is continuing to go and do, even with the larger number. There is so much wonder in the little ones. It has been neat to add their joy to the ninos’. Last week we…

Trimmed the tree:


Enjoyed a Christmas concert at UNLV:


Viewed the Live Nativity (so glad it’s back):



Attended Zoe and Miranda’s Christmas Programs:



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  1. Haven’t read your blog in a while! You guys are doing such a good job…and YOU looking so good, and your face looking so skinny. Lots of kids= lots of love. Amazing. I predicted you would have 8 kids, so you may have one more out there somewhere. lol! Keep up the good work and post your tips from time to time on how to keep organized and happy all at the same time. ;)

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