someday, hawaii. someday

Adam and I should be on a 10 day Hawaiian Cruise right now. We were slated to leave on Friday December 3rd, and we had planned to snorkel, snuggle, and sip deliciousness together…by ourselves…uninterrupted. But alas, three more children happened a couple of months back for which we are grateful. And yes, of course, we chose the children over the cruise. But not without a little hesitation on my part…just a little! :)

All is not lost, however. We were able to salvage half of our deposit, which is transferable to a cruise at a future date. I suppose we could have gotten respite care for the three littles, but we didn’t feel that was fair to them. Plus, it makes much more work for me in the end. I just hope my babysitters (aka, best sisters ever) will still be willing to take the kids when we do go since there are three more now. Maybe I’ll need to hire a service or something.

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