current condition

Things I suck at lately:

daily workouts

filing bills

putting the laundry away

posting on our family blog

clipping coupons

calling mom and dad just for fun

keeping up on the kids’ adoption life books

removing dishes out of my bedroom

having more faith during the current political climate

making a firm decision about becoming a foster parent


 Things I rock at lately:

going to bed earlier

making Adam smile

meal planning

daily calorie counting

posting on the adoption blog

paying closer attention to friendship

capturing more quiet moments

daily scripture study and meditation

loving my children more, on purpose

finding killer deals at Target, three weeks running

4 Replies to “current condition”

  1. Love this post, and yes I’ve noticed you’ve been slacking on your blog posts lately sister!! But heck look at the Rockin list that’s so cool! Good job, you can’t be great at everything 100% – it’s a process :)

  2. Do you find, (as I do) that calorie counting takes up an extraordinary, annoying amount of time??? I think that is THE reason and ONLY reason that you aren’t getting the top list done. It just takes a lot of THINKING and mental energy. Stupid food.

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