12 April 2010
Hiking/Camping Safety, by the J. DeMarco Family

Our annual Memorial Zionfest is quickly approaching so we were presented with a lesson this week on safety procedures for the kiddos. We also received Child Safety Kits to have on hand in the unlikely (or very likely) case of a missing/lost child while we are there. Loved our group FHE this month. Thanks DeMarco Family!

I Am a Child of God
Book of Mormon Stories

Strawberry Shortcake……again (YES)!

Nightly Funnies:
Jena to Dave, “everyone knows you’re picky…that’s what got us put in charge of the camping potluck!”

Jaime Lynne, “Alright, we’ll be in charge of the t-shirts, but you have 48 hours to respond people and that’s it. ”

Juan……..well pretty much everything he said tonight was funny! :)


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  1. I am ruined for light, spongy angel cake now… THANKS, ADAM! What a great night. The dessert was the best part. And I am glad to see that my statement came across as funny and not bossy… though it was a little bossy. I’m serious, though. 48 hours, PEOPLE!

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