hiatus, check

Wow, what a summer. Our stuff is still in storage, and our kids are currently farmed out, but other than that we are back from our summer of travel. The kids had a blast in Washington and Utah. They were able to meet loads of family for the first time. They were able to play outside all day and all night without roasting to death or scorching their little feet. They were able to experience new things like a slip-and-slide, a jet ski, and water balloons. All in all, it was a fantastic summer.

I was without computer the entire summer, which made it impossible to download pictures and blog. So Adam has been steadily downloading and then reloading all of my pics whilst here in London. And now that he is off working for the day, I have some time to rescue this sad little blog from its recent obscurity.

We are supposed to sign the lease, and move into our new place on 10 September, but there is a slight hiccup that might cause us to delay a bit. We’ll see how that works out. Regardless, the kids and I are anxious to get settled and start schooling. They are excited to be at home with me, especially with the prospect of dad joining us for lunch most days. Hopefully, it all works out as planned.

A HUGE public THANKS to Debbi, Marisa, Valerie, Jena and Jaime (and anyone else) for helping with the kids this week. We are having a great time.

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