what’s up, doc?


Finally, we were able to get to the dentist. I am not quite sure that I am glad we went….the kids all need something done–caps, fillings, spacers–you name it. Looking at the children’s mouths in Bogota, we knew we were in for it. Luckily, the children loved the dentist. They all willingly opened their mouths, charmed the nurses, and sat patiently in their chairs. Anything to get a toy from the treasure box, right? Who knew going to the dentist could be so cool? :)


Also this week, the girls had their first round of check-ups with our new pediatrician, Dr. Perez. She gladly took all of the medical files I had from Bogota to look them over. Once she reviews them, she will have a better idea of what blood tests etc. we need to do.

And the poor little things had to get more shots–even after I promised that they wouldn’t have to. Luckily, Dr. Perez speaks Spanish, and she “made sure” they understood that I had no idea. :) Thanks, Doc! The girls were troopers, as usual. And all of the kids go back in March for more shots, and more check-ups. They seem to be in great health so far–nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.


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