nestled all snug in their beds…


Yes, we were actually prepared enough to let the kids sleep under the tree. Sleeping under the Christmas tree is one of my favorite childhood memories, and I really want the kids to experience it while they are still young. Next year will be even more memorable since their language abilities will be better. We might even join them!!!

You do notice that one little nino is not in his sleeping bag. I don’t even remember now what he did, but Juan Pablo ended up back in his room without his pillow. Adam and I laughed all night about it. I can’t wait to put this picture in Juan P.’s lifebook with a giant title named, “Wompied on Christmas Eve.”

2 Replies to “nestled all snug in their beds…”

  1. Poor Wompie. Life is full of hard lessons. What a treat to sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve. Kids are banished were/are banished to their rooms on Christmas Eve at our house. It’s kinda fun for the parents.

  2. Well, aren’t you just the coolest parents. And HOW did you do that? I do remember my dad attempting to let us sleep under the tree but not on Christmas Eve, …like the night before Christmas Eve, …but then we would always end up in our beds in the a.m. I guess he would carry us to bed after we were asleep. My mom always had a thing about us not sleeping well if we weren’t in our very own beds. I don’t know. But, yes, …great memories- good job on that! You guys are really thinking of everything for the kids. Everything.

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