christmas eve with papa noel (aka–santa)


We spent our first Christmas as a family here in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to not have the added pressures of traveling and packing for this particular occassion. Christmas Eve was spent with Adam’s family at Grandma and Grandpa McCracken’s home. We had a wonderful meal, as usual. Luckily Debbi likes us outlaws enough that she provided an itty bitty turkey to accompany the traditional Christmas Ham. Thank you, mother-in-law. I still wasn’t allowed to bring mashed potatoes :) which didn’t bother Adam because he LOVES scalloped potatoes!!! I’m really glad I made two giant pans because they were both gone in an instant.
As for the kids, they were contented to be with family and eat Christmas yumminess. But grandma prepared a special Santa treat for them. After we finished dinner, Papa Noel came by for a visit complete with giant candy cane sticks for each of the children. You’ll notice a fifth child at the back of the pack–that is Kavika. He has been with us for a month now and will be staying with us for a little while longer. He might be with us until the end of the school year. We are still pounding out the details. Regardless, we have enjoyed (and still enjoy) having him around.


The ninos were all able to open their gifts from grandma and grandpa that night! Check out these adorable furry hooded blankets. The kids went nuts!!!


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