Last weekend, we had fun with an overnight campout in the Lea’s backyard. It was complete with campfire, roasted hot dogs, and S’mores. Rob was nice enough to lend us the backyard and prepared a fire pit for the festivities. We put all four kids in the tent, me outside on the lawn, and Rob retreated to the safety and comfort of his wife and bed. :)


Everyone loved the chance to practice cutting fire wood, roasting Starbursts, and having a generally great time. Despite their greatest efforts, all phalanges remain attached. Rach was busy scrappin’ with her friends (I imagine we’ll see a post on that shortly), so stayed at home while we played.


We made yummy breakfast Saturday morning with the assistance of Jaime and Rob and then Uncle Rob assisted Papi with the ninos the rest of Saturday while Mami and Tia Jaime scrapped the day away. Thanks for an awesome weekend!


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  1. YAY…Looks like a lot of fun! I am confused at the fact of all four kids in the tent and you on the lawn–where was Adam?? Jamie & Rob are so sweet to offer there home in such a manner what great friends!!

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