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A couple of people have asked what Sundays are like at our house now. Adam and I both feel that our Sundays are even better. We get home from church around 12:30 and eat some lunch straight away. After lunch, the kids scurry off to their rooms for quiet time. We have each child in a separate room and they love their own personal time. The kids don’t have to sleep, but they have to stay in their rooms until we come and get them, which is usually around 3:00. (although two out of the four regularly fall asleep anyway) That give Adam and I two whole hours together. We nap, we talk, we read, we snuggle, we catch up on shows we haven’t seen during the week. Mostly we just enjoy the quiet.

Once the kids are up, we either go outside or watch a movie usually. This past Sunday Adam taught the children to play a new game. Danny caught on right away. Ezzy had no clue what she was doing. And the two younger ones followed their brother. I also broke out our Cocoamotion, and taught the kids how to make hot chocolate. Nikky and Juan P. stared at the maker the whole time–they could not believe their eyes. 

After a couple of hours of family time, we have dinner and then the kids get ready for bed. That usually lands us around 7:00 or so. And the kids go to bed at 8:00. I thought Sundays would possibly be extra “work” for me, but I have found the opposite to be true. It is mostly relaxing and low-key. As long as we get the kids an hour or so of activity they are pretty awesome the whole day. I love Sundays!!!


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  1. I look forward to 9am church next year so we can relax more, and Zarina can then get her afternoon nap at. I love our cocoamotion. We think it’s great. The lid broke when it fell of the dryer and we still use it.

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