is it really over?


Yes, unfortunately, it really is over. At least for another year! Zionfest 2008 came and went in the blink of an eye. Those who took the time off work, gathered permits, made long drives, and left little ones behind were not disappointed. At least, I hope not. This year’s theme was “Call of the Canyon” (credits go to Robert Lea). Next year, however, the ladies have decided that the themed t-shirt will center around “Oh the Life of a Canyoneer’s Wife” Clever, eh? Maybe by then Valerie really will have purchased the straight-jacket for Carter…she keeps threatening.

Even though we spent almost a week at Zion Nat’l Park, it doesn’t seem like nearly enough time. I guess with everyone moving back to Las Vegas (how did that happen?) coordinating and planning will be easier. Regardless, I would fly home from China to honor this friendship tradition. Some people can’t believe that the 10 of us (which does vary each year depending on who’s in labor) actually take a holiday weekend and spend it together as friends. But our friends are family. There is no distinction to me. I wish everyone I know could have a life like mine. Our friends, at times, have been more supportive of our adoption than some family members. Our friends get us (in all our nerdiness–I know we’ll try to bring less electronic gear next year). Our friends visit us even when we’re seven hours away. I could go on and on, but as anyone who reads this blog knows, our friends are treasured by Adam and I.

Here’s a run-down of pictures…Click on the link to see more. (Jena, you can download and or all–just have to do it one at a time.)

Behunin Almost:


Emerald Pools:


Das Boot:


Random Fun Pics:

We had a fabulous time. Thanks Zioneers for being our friends. Our group vacations never ever disappoint. Oh yeah, I got 10 scrap pages done while I was there. That is the defining measure of how successful the trip was–in my book anyway!

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  1. Memorial day is our tradition, I love it and hope we keep it up! It is the weekend for our “family reunion.” Can I start counting down for next year? Even if we camp to save money I am still going to the spa!!! Is that wrong? :)

  2. I am completely jealous of this tradition of yours. It looks like a blast and Zion is such a beautiful place to visit. You guys are sooo cool.

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