Spring Break ‘08…aren’t we too old for this???

Adam and I are busily traversing Southern Utah peppered with a bit of New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. We’re having a blast and there are many adventures to recount. As you may have noticed, our blog is having an issue in regard to posting pictures. I really don’t want to post our main excursions without the spectacular photos we have to share. So here’s a peek at the titles I’m working on while Adam resolves our hosting issue. 

Calling All Canyoneering Wives—todie canyon

Here’s To The Anasazi—grand gulch primitive area

Down In The Valley—valley of the gods and monument valley national monument

Four States and Fry Bread—four corners

I Dream Of Hovenweep—hovenweep national monument

Where The Crazies Roam—black hole canyon (keep dreaming mccracken)

Bridges Over Troubled Waters—natural bridges national monument

One Little Tent—moab, ut

If you would like to view all the pics from our trip, which are housed in our gallery, just click here. Some mornings, as there is ice on our tent and we can’t twitch our noses properly or spring off the ground quickly, we think, ‘Are we crazy? Aren’t spring break excursions for the twenty-one year olds out there?’ Mostly though, we’re soaking up the time together. We know there’s a big change coming in our lives and in our family!!! 

This trip reconfirms how grateful Adam and I both are for these past four years together. Would we have traded it for the opportunity to be parents sooner? Absolutely! Nevertheless, we are grateful for the relationship we’ve had time to cultivate. I can’t imagine it any other way for the two of us. We’re especially grateful that we didn’t spend our childless years sitting on the couch. We’ve spent the beginning of our marriage trying new things, meeting new friends, and experiencing new places. Looking back, we are so very thankful for the time and the means to do these things. Happy Trails—we still have FIVE days left, wahoo!!!

3 Replies to “Spring Break ‘08…aren’t we too old for this???”

  1. Yeah I kept checking to see your newest post! Good to hear your having such a good time! And I saw all the pics in your gallery and it looks like your definately getting all your exercise in while your gone too! ;) It’s great that your so adventurous it will be an awesome quality to pass down to your future children, they will absolutely love you for it! We miss you and love you, please really don’t die out there ;) xoxoxoxo

  2. I am happy to hear you are safe and sound and loving you time together. I echo you on your sentiments regarding the one on one time vs. having a child sooner. Off course Dan and I would have happily (and tried to) change our children situation, but I can honestly say we are a stronger couple for these years we have spent just the two of us. Love ya guys.

  3. Too old?!! Whatever. We are so young! And these special opps are quickly coming to a brief end. I love that you two are so adventurous and hope you will post lots of pics and los when you return. Love ya!

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