two weeks and counting

I can’t believe Scrapfest 2008 is only two weeks away. We’ve been talking about doing one for so long. My sisters and a few friends are coming to Logan for an all day Saturday ScrapFest. The Hirschi family is so kind to open their home (once again) so I can celebrate my 32nd birthday doing what I love…scrapping, gabbing, and munching on peanut m&m’s. I have so many girlfriends who are either too pregnant or too new at mommying to make it. I didn’t want to burden them. But I wish they could come.

A special thanks to Jaime (Rob), Lindsey, and Jessica for spending the money and time off work to fly in. A double special thanks to Seth for watching he and Lindsey’s boys so she could come. Yes Seth, it’s still a baby free Saturday! :) And a triple special thanks to Brian who will have to put up with constant woman speak, if he dares to stick around. Maybe he’ll opt to stay at Bear Lake that day. (haha)

All I wanted for my birthday was this (and maybe a massage). I’m already daydreaming about every little detail.

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