Once there was a snowgirl…

Introducing Brooklynn’s first and best snowgirl friend, Shellyanna Snowgirl.


6 Replies to “Once there was a snowgirl…”

  1. Sigh, so cute! I am so glad you documented this those are the cutest pic’s and the snowgirl couldn’t of been made possible if it wasn’t for the help of one great uncle!!! Thanks and great job brooklynn and adam! It’s perfecctttt…

  2. I am super impressed with your ability to capture such sweet memories. I am sure that they are going to miss you guys when you come back to Vegas. But we are sure excited!

  3. Hey I gave up in remenering my old password to comment so I did it again! What a cool snowman I wonder if it will still be there when I come in a couple weeks. Is the snow staying or has it been going down? So yeah finally I will start posting on your blog!!!

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