Christmas, wrapped up!


Despite a few hiccups during Christmas week, we still managed to have a great vacation. Adam had 3-1/2 weeks off of school and we took full advantage of it. We drove up to Washington and spent our time there. We were able to help pick out the Christmas tree, put up last minute decorations, and help with mom’s last minute shopping. The above picture is mom’s idea of cooking dinner on Christmas Eve….’let’s go outback’….easy clean-up, wahoo!!! Don’t worry–Christmas Day dinner was all homemade. 


We also squeezed in a few short trips…one to Portland to celebrate Jessica’s birthday, one to Leavenworth for some winter wonderland fun, and one to Tacoma to visit grandma and grandpa Penning. We also were blessed to spend grandpa Harvey’s last week here on earth with him. Everyone was able to say their goodbyes and my mom was able to be there when he passed. I’m grateful that we were there not only to say goodbye and attend the funeral, but also to help mom and dad get through it all. A tender mercy for sure.
We wish everyone a wonderful 2008. Keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!

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