girls trip 2011


YEAR FIVE: Cannon Beach, OR

MY GIRLS: Amy and Jessica

HOTEL: Surf Sands Resort

ACTIVITIES: scrapbooking, massages, eating, shopping, storm watching, talking


1. Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches

2. Driving through a flood, literally, to get to the Seaside scrapbook store

3. Watching the waves from our balcony

4. Talking, talking, talking

5. Diet coke and peanut M&M’s….of course

6. Listening to the constant sound of rain

7. Sitting in the hottub

8. Getting a massage

9. Hugging Truxton!



NEXT STOP: Colorado Vacay with the families….summer 2012

hiking and biking

Day hike to Cape Falcon.

Super troopers, all the way to the end. And check out that view!!!

I will always be in love with the Oregon Coast. There is nothing like it. The kids also did a lot of biking with their daddy while on vacation.

looking forward

Summer will quickly be upon us here in the desert. And you all know how cranky I get when summer comes. So I try and make the summer as busy as possible for myself so that I can endure the baking hot sun.

Here is what we are planning:

Zion Nat’l Park, of course. Year six. We leave tomorrow.

Spring Mountain Ranch, Willy Wonka. Planning this outing for months now with friends. So excited to take the kids to their first official play.
Camp Invent. Danny is going to his first invention camp with a buddy. He is totally stoked.
Bear Lake. The kids and I are planning a week at the lake with my mom and sister. (Adam will be in China on business–boo, boo!)
Swim lessons. Hopefully we can squeeze a couple of these in. :)

Grandma Penning Visits. YAY!
Relay for Life. We are going to Oregon to participate in Team Georgie this summer. So Excited!
Washington. Oh how I love escaping the desert heat, trading it in for two weeks in Yakima. I can’t wait to hang with my family, scrap with Jes, camp at Rainier with cousins, and see old friends and their children.

The Beach. Yes! Who love the Oregon Coast? We do. We do. We have been planning this vacation since Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings. One whole week in Seaside with my family. The kids are going to learn to body surf this time around. Can’t wait for vacation with my hubby and kiddos.