Cowiche Canyon

Hannah’s first hike! She slept through much of it in her backpack, but loved to play with the kids at lunchtime. Found a few geocaches along the way. We love that there is water here to hike near, even in the desert. Thanks to the Hartmans, Kearns, and Hammonds for an awesome excursion!

20140503-101937-cowiche canyon-0012
20140503-102102-cowiche canyon-0017

20140503-114704-cowiche canyon-0020
20140503-120050-cowiche canyon-0041

20140503-115539-cowiche canyon-0032
20140503-115407-cowiche canyon-0030

20140503-115203-cowiche canyon-0028
20140503-115617-cowiche canyon-0033

20140503-115749-cowiche canyon-0039
20140503-115035-cowiche canyon-0026

20140503-102052-cowiche canyon-0015

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