Rappelling at Red Rock

Being in this family means getting ready for canyoneering! Required skill #1 – rappelling. So, we took the kids out to Sandstone Quarry at Red Rock; first time for the littles. It was a bit cold and windy, but fun was had by all!

4 Replies to “Rappelling at Red Rock”

  1. That is awesome. Truxton says he never did that before and he should do it. Um, Uncle Adam are you on it? Not going to happen with his dad.

  2. I am so impressed with you guys! You look great, your kids are beautiful, I love that you LOVE the outdoors, I think you are awesome for being organized and planning such great meals. SO BLESSED!!!

  3. You guys are awesome for teaching the littles these things so early! When we have kids I want to do the same – make it second nature while they’re young and give them confidence in their abilities.

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