while the cat is away…


Last summer, Adam was going to hike Mummy Springs (Fletcher Peak) while we were in Washington. Unfortunately and tragically, he forgot his hiking boots, which was only discovered after driving an hour to the trailhead, after work.  Needless to say, his hiking hopes were quickly squashed.

Well, another summer has come, which means his wife and children have fled to Washington for the summer. And so  he gave Mummy Springs another go this past weekend.

Hiking boots, check!

GPS, check!

Brand new bivvy, check!



I  believe Adam hiked nine miles total, catching a ride from some nice travelers back up to his truck! I am so glad he took some last minute time away for himself, doing the thing that he loves the most. And he says the only thing that would have made his overnighter better was having me there. Ahhh, shucks! :)



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