Lee Canyon Camping

OK, so we’re a little behind while Rach and the kids are up in Washington and Utah visiting family. I’ll get the ball rolling with our mid-June campout in Lee Canyon’s Dolomite Campground. Dolomite is the highest developed campsite in the Spring Mountains, at 8,500 feet. This was nice, as the daytime temperatures in Las Vegas were starting to get a bit warm.


We had the pleasure of camping with the famLEA (with little Rachel in tow) and the Brummetts. Tio Rob brought little LED flashlights that the kids loved. We got some firewood from the camp hosts to ensure our chocolate and marshmallows stayed warm.

On Saturday morning, we met the DeMarco clans and headed up to Mary Jane Falls (more info here). For those who have visited Washington or Oregon waterfalls (or even turned a faucet on!), you’re not likely to be impressed. For us Southern Nevadans, it’s a raging torrent! The kids all had a blast on the little bit of snow still left at the base of the falls.


Leaving for Mary Jane Falls

At Mary Jane Falls

After saying goodbye to the rest of the group, we had fun with just the McFamily back in the campsite. The kids were learning about shelters that nomads built in earlier times and they built their own shelter from what they could find on the ground. Altogether a great weekend!


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  1. Dear McCrackens:
    Your blog has been a joy to read. What a beautiful family. I stumbled on it when searching for any information i could on the orphanage where two children (siblings) we are hoping to adopt in Colombia are living. They were both here with us for five weeks through the Kidave summer miracles program. After they went home and after we had made our final decision to move forward with adoption, I had this idealistic vision of what their orphanage was like. My next mistake – looking it up on the web. In any case, both of our hoped to be children appear prominently in the videos “Girls house” and “I love Danny”. I would love to talk with you more about what your visit was like down there (I have been to Bogota many times but not for this reason), where you stayed, etc.


    Patty Shields (Washington DC)

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